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Furnishing concept for our hotel bar

A bar as we have always wanted it to be - at ground level, visible and with an outdoor area in front.

Lots of small and large tables, low and high according to standards, comfortably shaped individual armchairs and bar stools, upholstered long benches with backrests, a few niches and corners to sink into and a long counter to stand or sit at - all with service.

The often award-winning interior consists of designer furniture made from recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future.

The outdoor table tops made of tensile glass give the bar a futuristic touch, while the handmade spiral lamp design in the interior reflects the light in different facets and creates a unique atmosphere.
The design of the long benches and indoor table tops is characterised by craftsmanship, creating a unique touch. Forged by local craftsmen, foot rails encircle our high tables and lend the bar a timeless elegance.
In our wallpaper excerpt from "The Great Gatsby", you can read bar literature that is still relevant today on the influence of money, social status and illusions in society.

All in all, our HOTEL - BAR offers a unique experience for all the senses
- from the sophisticated furnishings with an environmentally conscious sustainability character to exquisite drinks and excellent service.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new bar and providing you with an unforgettable stay.

Auszeichnung Umweltzeichen und EU-Ecolabel

A meeting place where elegance, flair and sustainability go hand in hand
. both in the redesigned interior and the outdoor area

Join us for a dive into contemporary upcycling. A creative way of transforming waste into furniture through the alchemy of storytelling and ingenuity.

In order to open the window to partial redesign, we have chosen to work with designers from the upcycling movement in line with our understanding of environmental and climate protection, sustainability and conservation of resources, which are already certified for hotel operations with the Austrian Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel . Focusing on the recycling of materials and thus inspiring "the second life of things" was the premise behind the selection of our interiors.

Disused scaffolding, train window panes and industrial paint losses. A second life was breathed into the tertiary sector.

A trio of designers has taken up the challenge of transforming waste into resources. They not only create furniture from industrial waste, but also use it to produce environmentally friendly, design-orientated and sustainable interiors - including for our HOTEL • BAR • STADT KUFSTEIN LOUNGE outdoor area!


The outdoor tables are made from disused scaffolding that has been damaged by years of hire and is therefore unsuitable for placing workers in the sky. However, as they retain their structural advantages on the ground, we use them as table bases. Recycle factor 100 per cent!

And if you discover any colour nuances in our table bases, it is the reusable colour result of a recycling process with epoxies. The colour combinations are due to the random and unpredictable nature of the epoxy residues. The colour of your table is therefore unique!

We have also looked for environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for the table tops and have been able to draw generously from disposal problems.
For example, glass windows from trains often end up in a recycling centre in almost perfect condition because rigid dimensions make it difficult to reuse them.
For our table top project, they were cut exactly to size for us and so we were able to spare them a "broken fate".

And then there are these shredded, reassembled corks that are used to finish off the ends of the scaffolding tubes. That should be enough to keep the draught window pane from slipping on the table.


... made from industrial production surpluses and scrap - ultimately transformed into designer furniture.

Product waste through surplus is the result of a particularly linear economy that does not give materials a second chance. And yet industrial waste is an abundant, serial, standardised resource that is perfect for fuelling new productions - such as our sustainable designer seating.

So the brightly coloured polyethylene shell chair you're making yourself comfortable on outdoors is the result of the plastics industry, where the unintentional mixing of shades is an intolerable defect, so no longer meets the order and therefore becomes a waste product. This is the starting point for your armchair, which celebrates these accidental colour gradients as uncompromising seating furniture and is given its unique character by hand.

Designer furniture created from an innovative approach for a unique and exclusive result.

To get from waste to object, the necessary work is carried out in the workshops. Handmade quality with a flawless finish that can only be achieved through manual labour for a long service life.

By utilising industrial series surpluses, upcycling designers are able to produce and sell interiors made from recycled materials. On the other hand, by purchasing upcycled furnishings, another environmentally friendly and sustainable contribution is made. In this way, together we give the circular economy a sustainable value of a corresponding dimension.


Let the entrance to the HOTEL•BAR • STADT KUFSTEIN • LOUNGE shine in a new light! How does that work? With the installation of our M-Size luminaires "Soul", not only is access lighting installed, but "souls are staged outdoors", according to the design artist.
Soul arose from the desire to translate familiar and familiar forms of everyday life into an object with an innovative and personal character. Soul thus became a luminaire with a living soul: capable of enveloping any type of environment. With a minimal and light structure, the luminaire is harmonious and calming.
The light it produces is created by the contrast between volume and transparency, which is emphasised by the innovative cover. Modern optics and unique light accents as effective lighting now accompany us on our journey.

The materials used are biocompatible and extremely UV-resistant. In addition, fully recycled and recyclable PET and CoPET were used. All in keeping with our lively understanding of protecting and benefiting the environment.


... and have decorated parts of our walls with the famous words of the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his gripping text The Great Gatsby.
Reading the lines of this modern classic, we transport you straight to the heart of the story. Typed in a light grey serif font on a cream background, the soft, neutral tones convey the sophistication and affluence of the era in which this novel is set. Stylish and glamorous like the protagonist of the story himself.

The novel is often praised for its linguistic elegance, its profound portrayal of characters and its critical examination of the American dream. It is also a contemporary document that captures the lifestyle and social changes of the 1920s and still addresses relevant issues such as the influence of money, social status and illusions in society.

Our environmentally conscious approach has been confirmed by the fact that both manufacturer and supplier work exclusively with companies that focus on sustainability and environmental protection. It is also ensured that the materials used come from sustainable sources and are processed accordingly.

In the spirit of the designer, we have focussed on design innovation and at the same time promoted sustainability - our intention!


Natural colours, materials and shapes.
Products that are made by hand and characterised by this.
Escape the ordinary and the limits.

The spiral-shaped Swirl lamps placed above you ensure this. Contrasting yet matching the robust outer structure, smooth gold (bronze) shines on the inside, emphasising and illuminating the light source through reflection between the dome-shaped lamp vortex.
The original designs are sculpted, the moulds are cast by hand and finished by hand.

is also what we find when individual, oversized objects are interior design statements.
Legendary - the pot legs of the planters.
Made by hand - inspired by nature and the giraffes that live there and their long legs!

Decorative leaves and flowers in harmonious colours are presented in handmade ceramics and are mirrored on handmade tables.

inspired the artist when making the counter vase.
We opted for jelly white with a matt white finish.


The RIEDEL-Glas family business, based in Kufstein, is known not only for the production of glass but also for its creation and development and, in particular, for its revolutionary glass designs.

RIEDEL was the first company in history to recognise that the taste and aroma of a drink is influenced by the shape of the vessel from which it is drunk and therefore complements alcoholic and other drinks in style.

What is important for a good glass?
That you enjoy drinking from it! A glass has to be born for its drink and stand up to daily bar use.

That's why we not only opted for the RIEDEL BAR glassware range, but also for the specially developed and designed glasses in the RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware series. This means we have the right glass for every cocktail and are happy to fulfil your cocktail wishes from a

Neat glass - Rocks glass - Double Rocks glass - Nick & Nora glass - Sour glass - Highball glass - Fizz glass or All Purpose glass to the table or place on the bar.

And for stirring and mixing cocktails with ice, we love to use the RIEDEL MIXING GLASS.



_are a durable and sustainable product - long-lasting and reusable for many years. reusable for many
_ up to 50% recycled RIEDEL crystal glass comes from our own production facilities
   crystal glass is inert and does not react with substances or materials it comes into contact with it
   comes into contact with (unlike plastic, which can release bisphenol A (BPA), for example)
_ the production processes are completely BPA-free (without plastic)
_RIEDEL crystal glass fulfils all known migration limits and is fully certified for safe use with food and
_ RIEDEL glass and the packaging is 100% recyclable
_RIEDEL works exclusively with suppliers who are committed to sustainability. For example, RIEDEL has
  won a sustainability award with Mondi sustainability award for the jointly developed
  packaging solution for the RIEDEL Performance series
_the RIEDEL glass production plants can rely on implemented environmental certificates ISO 14001:
  2015 and ISO 50001: 2011
_main raw materials are sourced locally, with short transport routes
_energy-saving projects include compressed air, burner technology, energy-efficient drives,
  LED lighting drives, LED lighting, heat recovery, water-saving measures
_substitution of hazardous substances with more environmentally friendly alternatives
_RIEDEL is considering how the CO2 footprint for glass developments can be reduced.


Reliable partner companies that have completed our orders reliably, professionally, on time and cleanly in a quality service. Only high-quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and finishing products were used.

The philosophy of the interior designer and artist Karolin Schumann is reflected in our Hotel • Bar Kufstein Lounge.

The success of an interior design depends largely on taking all aspects of the room into account • from size to lighting conditions to architectural style.
Using contemporary interiors in a way that conserves resources and upcycles them wherever possible and paying attention to fair workshops that work with recycled materials as far as possible when purchasing new interiors was no problem for the innovative interior designer Karolin Schumann.

She always focused on the hotel's business philosophy in order to make every element of the project accessible to all parties.

Offering guests a successful feel-good ambience • accompanied by environmental awareness and sustainability • and at the same time feeling like they have arrived in a quality-respecting hotel bar • the premise of both the artist and the owner.

• THANK YOU FOR the conceptual design of the interior, the individuality, the specific and thoughtful quality design, the personality, handwriting, style and character that, according to our ideas, are expressed in this project.

• from fabric to assembly. Always there: attention to detail.

• let there be light, and it will come to pass!

• a master metal construction company
The motto of the FEUERWERKER Joseph Spannagel & Fabian Sieraczewski is “Our work is our passion!”
On the one hand, there is the know-how of the metal builders who have been awarded master prizes and awards for design in the craft, and on the other hand, the almost limitless possibilities of the metal construction craft.
In combination, the two metal workers masterfully develop tailor-made solutions • realized our demands and ideas in the shortest possible time with professional expertise and the desired resource-saving working methods and production.

Passion for precision craftsmanship

• he fine brush stroke creates the large-scale result,
Reliability and handshake quality are the perfect business relationship

• a master carpenter with all advantages
The joy of implementing a project with master carpenter Patrick Schumann is accompanied by perfect craftsmanship and extensive specialist knowledge.
Patrick Schumann's expertise extends from the planning of installations to hand-made furniture and restoration work.

Patrick Schumann also has a competent group of specialists from other craft businesses in his area. This makes it possible to act quickly and professionally in often unforeseen structural situations • and this is no problem with Patrick.
_it's so nice that people like that exist!

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