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We pay great attention to the reviews our guests give about their stay in our hotel. Our goal is to improve our star rating on various portals, and this is how we distinguish between factual claims and expressions of opinion.  

We are able to learn a lot from reviews and use the critiques as an opportunity to make improvements. Our striving for continuous improvement, which we accomplish by a step-by-step perfection of each aspect, is unwavering. So, our success is the result of the high-quality service we provide, with which we aim for complete satisfaction. 

It is with great joy that we read your positive reviews about your stay at our hotel. For any factual claims of dissatisfaction, we would be happy to clear this up face-to-face. On-site. Directly with you. Together, we will find a solution for your complete satisfaction and happiness during a stay at our hotel. 

Trendy hangout for ladies in fancy dresses, smartly dressed men in suits, and casual types. Venue for creative artists and sculptures. Whether an early bird or late sleeper's breakfast, business lunch, snack, or classic gathering for coffee and popular homemade sweets, you can linger and enjoy yourself in the best location with a stylish and laid-back atmosphere with high-quality cuisine.
MON to FRI 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
Breakfast on Saturdays • Sundays & holidays 7:30 am – 1:00 pm

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