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Sleep Green Hotel

New partnership with “Sleep Green Hotels”

With the continuous development of more sustainability in the use of energy in the tourism business, not only can synergies be used through cooperation with the Sleep Green marketing platform but also a clear positioning as an ecologically-run business will also hereby be achieved.  

In this process, the following basic criteria are crucial:

  • The use/acquisition of at least 50% of required energy for cooling/heat production from renewable sources.
  • Supply of electricity from at least 90% renewable energy sources.
  • Use of certified organic food.
  • At least 2 official certifications and quality assurance via the assessment criteria of the booking platforms on the Internet.  

Investment in photovoltaic systems

So that this criteria can be fulfilled, the company has equipped the entire roof surface of Hotel Stadt Kufstein with a photovoltaic system.

This produces 51 kilowatts per hour and thus meets the entire electricity needs of 50% of the hotel. The remaining electricity consumption is covered by renewable energy.

For guests, nothing changes when it comes to overall comfort, but these activities of the hotel are strongly regarded as contemporary ecological development. 

The concept of “Sleep Green Hotels” complements rapidly growing sustainable mobility with sustainable tourism.  

Hotel Stadt Kufstein in Tyrol is one of the first hotels that meets these quality standards. There is an active exchange among all partner hotels in this marketing group and thus a continuous development in product design and communication.  

10 unbeatable reasons for Sleep Green Hotels

  • Sleep Green Hotels was founded by the leading figures of sustainable tourism in Europe.   ​
  • Sleep Green Hotels​ complements rapidly growing sustainable mobility with sustainable tourism and is conducting pioneering work in this area.
  • Only members that guarantee quality for guests and support sustainable tourism having earned several certifications and that have met our strict admission criteria are admitted into the cooperation.  
  • Each current and future member is distinguished by sustainable management in all departments, CSR policies, extensive expertise, electric mobility, and personal conviction in sustainable tourism.
  • Through personal quality assurance with the list of criteria for our members, we support our own special, sustainable educational mandate in the area of tourism and thus combat "green washing".  
  • With central, online-based knowledge management in the form of our green brain, we guarantee the most current information regarding the theme of sustainable tourism and hereby ensure the exchange of expertise, suitable partners & suppliers, experiences, and green innovations on the market. 
  • We position ourselves as an educational institute and do not only affiliate sustainable hotels but help all hotels to become and remain sustainable for the long-term. 
  • Our members and the entire cooperation work exclusively with sustainable partners and suppliers that are opinion leaders and market leaders in their respective areas in order to strengthen the constantly growing future market. 
  • The network of Sleep Green Hotels will be constantly expanded and active throughout Europe through the daily work of all members and their presence at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions.
  • With the shared vision of sustainable tourism among all participants in ​Sleep Green Hotels,​ there will be a fascinating bond among all parties and an unstoppable motivation for the fulfillment of this vision.