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In the last 7 years, Hotel Stadt Kufstein has established itself as a business hotel in the city of Kufstein. Recreational vacationers, individuals, groups, and holidaymakers as well as families, seniors, and guests with handicaps have a special status of great importance in our Hotel Stadt Kufstein. Our experience grows daily, but our resolve, ambition and the unwavering joy of connecting with our guests are consistent components of our philosophy. Providing services to our guests is our passion! 

We have also spent our 7 years of experience observing and analyzing the booking trends of our guests. The trend clearly points to the individuality of hotel stays, and modern technology ranks at the top of the list. Free WLAN, proximity to local transportation, a feel-good ambiance, comfortable beds, and nighttime quiet are the top 5 criteria for business travelers when selecting a hotel. The new generation of business travelers - more than half (55%) of all travelers worldwide - takes the opportunity to combine a business trip with a few days of vacation.

Discover something new. Experience something beautiful.

For companies who organize conferences, meetings, seminars, product presentations, staff training, and the like, openess and flexibility are the top priority. An example of this flexibility is being able to make a booking without having to book meals or other superfluous elements. We are following this trend and have adapted our booking module to it. Individual travelers, business travelers, recreational guests, groups, families, seniors, and guests with handicaps have the opportunity to individually book culinary components such as breakfast along with their hotel rooms.  

Flexibility is also a feature of lunch and snack breaks. Time resources are in short supply during lunchtime, but our Café . Bar . Bistro elephant is conveniently located right outside the hotel only a few meters away. Guests can choose an opulent dinner, fast or slow food, a quick snack, low carb, or fine dining. There are also numerous other restaurants located around the city.

Contrary to the current spirit of the times in the hospitality industry, our efforts are aimed at providing the best catering and the best service for our hotel guests. In consultation with travel agencies that manage bookings for various companies at home and abroad, we offer lunch and dinner options for groups of 25 or more guests. We also extend this culinary offer to groups of guests for hotel events as well as bus and tour groups. 

Our hotel culinary offer can be flexibly booked prior to your arrival. The modern method of booking for our hotel ensures that you can book individual elements for a pleasant stay here. 

Individually bookable

Culinary components for groups of 25 or more people 

NEW | Evening cuisine in Café . Bar . Bistro elephant

Starting now – bookable for groups of 25 or more people.

This offer is geared towards companies and businesses but also private parties who are interested in booking events with or without overnight stays in our hotel. This location is now exclusively bookable for 25 or more guests for company events or private parties - without a preceding event in our hotel - with culinary components of our evening cuisine (with or without a stand-up reception) for a harmonious get-together. 


A table reservation can be made between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm! or Tel. +43 5372 6944-0

Trendy hangout for ladies in fancy dresses, smartly dressed men in suits, and casual types. Venue for creative artists and sculptures. Whether an early bird or late sleeper's breakfast, business lunch, snack, or classic gathering for coffee and popular homemade sweets, you can linger and enjoy yourself in the best location with a stylish and laid-back atmosphere with high-quality cuisine.
MON to FRI 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
Breakfast on Saturdays • Sundays & holidays 7:30 am – 1:00 pm

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