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Glass factory

This family business, established in Kufstein, is now in its 11th generation. Maximilian J. Riedel, today's CEO, continues the successful history of the company and continues to support the philosophy "form follows function". Numerous awards and distinctions testify to the unwavering optimism and drive. The glassmakers of the Riedel glass manufacturing company, which calls Kufstein its home, carefully and meticulously create hand-blown glasses that are unique works of art. 

With a visit to the Riedel glass company in Kufstein, you will step into a world of glass manufacturing that is unparalleled in quality. Learn about glass production on a factory tour, which will be an exceptional encounter with true craftsmanship and the material of glass. The multimedia show "Sinnfonie" is an adventure of sensory perception that appeals to all the senses. With the permanent exhibit "Glass Cabinet" installed in Kufstein, Riedel grants the public access to the Riedel glass tradition.

Marvel at Riedel glasses and decanters as well as other glassware made by Riedel in Kufstein. On the 300 m2 of shopping surface with individual advice from trained personnel and glasses from the outlet store, you will find just what you're looking for.  

Of course, Hotel Stadt Kufstein uses glasses and glassware by the Riedel glass company. Quality has a name, and that name is Riedel.

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