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_awarded. certified

Sustainability & environmental consciousness

The AUSTRIAN ECOLABEL and the EU-ECOLABEL made their way to the HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN in January 2023 - they have come to stay.

We have been rewarded for our attentiveness to appreciation, environmental friendliness, sustainability and safety, and we are proud of this - we are grateful for it.

The imposed environmental criteria require not only a consistently sustainable and innovative management, but also employees who support and implement environmental protection and sustainability measures out of conviction, as well as guests who are happy and feel comfortable in an environmentally conscious HOME FOR A TIME.

Certificate Austrian Eco-Label    Certificate EU-Ecolabel

Auszeichnung Umweltzeichen und EU-Ecolabel

The HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN was audited and assessed according to the catalogue of criteria in the areas of general business management, environmental management, energy, water, waste, air, noise, office, cleaning, chemistry, hygiene, construction and living, equipment, food, kitchen, traffic and outdoor areas. The target criteria according to the requirements of the Eco-label Guideline for the Austrian Eco-label and the EU Eco-label were achieved for the areas of "Hotel Accommodation", "Tourism and Leisure Industry" and "Conference and Event Locations", and certification was granted.

Taking responsibility for one's own actions and taking measures - appreciatively, for the protection and benefit of the environment and climate, focused on sustainability and minimising the ecological footprint - that is what the HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN with its team and its guests stand for.

1st Austrian Sleep Green Hotel

We are particularly proud to be the first Austrian hotel to belong to the SLEEP GREEN HOTELS association. True to the motto "HOTELS | for a better future", the sensitive and careful use of natural resources is at the heart of everything we do. You can find out more details here:

Sleep Green Hotel

Cooperation partner

Environmental protection and sustainability are a top priority for us here at Hotel Stadt Kufstein. We therefore cooperate exclusively with partners who support this philosophy.


... are the first reason why Hotel Stadt Kufstein has chosen Diversey to be the full-service provider for comprehensive hygiene and cleaning solutions. Environmentally-friendly products with a sustainability guarantee, anchored in the Diversey mission statement, are the 2nd reason for us choosing Diversey. We work together for a clean, safe, and healthy future. 

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_Vollwertbäckerei Hauber / Bakery

_quality passion

For more than 85 years, the Hauber bakery has been a household name in our town.
It is already the third generation in which the baker's craft is continued day by day and above all with a lot of passion. More than 40 years ago the bakery was converted to wholefood products by Hansi Hauber. Today, his daughter Heidi Hauber, who took over her parents' business at the age of only 23, runs the family business.

To be able to pass on the "full value of bread" to our guests was the premise when selecting the bakery for our Hotel Stadt Kufstein. The fact that we are also allowed to quote the addition BIO in addition to the full value is another pleasing aspect.

With the "Ur-Saat-Dreikornbrot" the bread basket at the breakfast table is stocked with a bread made from organically grown rye, barley and oats. Natural sourdough, freshly ground spices and natural rock salt are the other components of the organically produced food. The bread has been around for over 40 years. That's when father Hans specialized in wholefood products. Handmade, of course.

The rating "valuable in terms of health" is accompanied by sustainability. Because in the Hauber bakery, attention is paid not only to the health compatibility of the products, but above all to environmental, economic and social compatibility in the food system. Whether Ur-Saat-Dreikornbrot, Ur-Saat-Dinkelbrot, Ur-Saat-Dinkelbiskotten, Mischbrot, Gassenhauer, Zeller- or Schwabenländer-Brot - in addition to the best bread ingredients, the sustainable aspects are always included.

Hotel guest tip
Due to the processing with natural sourdough, the bread stays fresh for a particularly long time and is suitable to take home with you on your trip. This way, the memories of your stay at Hotel Stadt Kufstein - your temporary home - stay alive with every bite! You can purchase the bread at the bakery, just around the hotel corner.

_Keilhof natürlich.echt / naturally.real

Quality. Sustainability. Honesty.

Since 1996, the Keilhof family has stood for organic quality with eggs and dairy products.
Passion for the craft. Expertise and freshness without compromise.
We have chosen the products of the family-run organic farm in Söll out of the Wilder Kaiser region. Because we value quality, sustainability and honesty.

The organically certified, valuable, regional products of the more than 450 hens as well as the raw milk of the 10 dairy cows, which feel comfortable on an area of 9 hectares of grassland with daily exercise, ensure consistently best quality all year round.      

Vorarlberg spelt and wheat semolina from Austrian arable farming, together with eggs from Söller's hens, raw milk from the farm's cows and spring water, are the basic qualitative ingredients of both the original spelt ribbon noodles and the wheat spirelli.
Packed in cellulose foil made of wood. Sensational WanderEI egg liqueur - with milk and eggs from our own farm. And with alcohol from a local schnapps sommelier. Pure Tyrolean regionality. The wild growing elder is the name giver of the elderflower syrup "Wilder Holler". Hand-picked, spring water from the region, high-quality lemons and sugar are the ingredients. The taste: unique.

Hotel guest tip
The farm shop "Keilschrank" is open 7 days / 24 hours for self-service.
Allow yourself a piece of quality, sustainability and honesty. Treat yourself to an organic product directly from the farm. Just as you have come to know it in our Hotel Stadt Kufstein.

Hotel guest secret tip
In this self-service shop there is a cpboard with a surprise compartment that contains homemade products that change seasonally on a regular basis.

_Franz Josef Rauch

Organic juice in iconic swing-top glass bottle.

Juice in certified organic quality.
- 100 % natural organic apple made of juice.
- 100 % organic apple-carrot from juice.
- 100 % organic orange.
- 100 % vegan.
The juices of the RAUCH Family Edition. Out of controlled organic cultivation.
In a unique traditional bottle. 

When it comes to drinking juice from the swing-top glass bottle, we rely on the family business RAUCH, located in Vorarlberg. Managed in the fourth generation. Awarded several times as an employer and apprenticing company. 

Our quality standards are based on respect for nature and the origin of the fruit as raw material - fair trade and vegan certified. As well as the total processing from one source - from the fruit to the packaging. Equally is our claim to sustainability - given by the use of the glass bottle.

In responsibility for the environment, natural resources are used sparingly, carefully and sustainably by the company. As a co-founder of the Pet2Pet organization, 100% rePET recycled products help to ensure the recycling cycle of PET bottles. Since 1987, the fruit juice producer has been committed to and supported the Rainforest Alliance. The sustainability standard for positive change in the world, for shared responsibility and collective action is certificated by the Rainforest Alliance - valued by us.

Hotel Guest Tip
Ask our front office team about the RAUCH Organic Juice Trio wooden carrier.
100% organic juice in the flavors apple and apple-carrot from organic juice and orange. Out of controlled organic cultivation, 100 % vegan.
_trendy the unique traditional bottle. To drink yourself or as a healthy gift for those at home with the best regards from the Hotel Stadt Kufstein - your temporary home!

_Gartenbau Strillinger Kufstein

organic since 1959

This traditional business from Kufstein is already in its third generation.
From grandma's home garden with a small sales table in front of the house, the horticultural business with today's sales stand and a range of over 50 different types of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers on an organic cultivation area of about 7 hectares advanced to the freshness and quality mecca of our town.

We can watch the vegetables grow. Observe consistent quality for over 60 years.

From mid-May to the end of October, we buy vegetables and herbs - regional, seasonal. Organic cultivations produce high-quality raw products in the fields. Our mission is gentle processing. Our guests enjoy the food with all their senses. From broccoli to zucchini, rhubarb to pumpkin. Mother Nature always sets the harvest dates.     

Hotel guest tip
Get vegetable, herb, balcony and bedding plants from the Strillinger production for your home or as a healthy, sustainable souvenir of a different kind.


Freshly roasted organic quality with a sustainable taste.

It is well known that coffee does not grow on trees in our country. But it is also well known that, in a global comparison, more people still prefer coffee as a beverage over tea. However, with both beverages, nutritional awareness is increasingly coming to the foreground with more mindfulness and a focus on organic quality and sustainability.

And it is precisely for this reason that the DINZLER coffee roasting company has become our partner for the coffee consumption of our hotel guests.
Because already in the morning, coffee drinkers love the wonderful aroma of freshly ground beans as much as the caffeine kick that follows.

In the cup of organic coffee, the aromas of earthy, nutty and sweet from the blend of organically grown Arabica and organic Robusta coffee beans are combined in the excellent organic coffee variety Super Max. The wet processing method of the coffee cherry immediately after harvest followed by on-site drying is responsible for the consistently high quality of the coffee. The refinement is based on the long-term drum roasting process on site at the DINZLER coffee roastery. Thus, the organic coffee creation Super Max scores not only with strong, balanced aromas of fine almond and nut notes, but also shines with sweetness and velvety to complete the pleasure when prepared in a fully automatic coffee machine.

When pleasant roasted aromas remind us of roasted almonds in the fragrance, and bittersweet aromas and fine notes of grapes and nuts dominate the taste, then it is the organic coffee composition Peru that leaves a wonderfully holistic coffee experience on the palate.
Fruity, nutty, chocolaty and low in acidity are the attributes of the organic coffee Peru, which offer a balanced taste experience when drunk as an espresso.
Here, too, the organically grown coffee cherries undergo wet processing with on-site drying after the hand-picked harvest - the very highest coffee quality is guaranteed. The local roasting masters are responsible for harmony and deliciousness. Organic coffee Peru - nominated for Coffee of the Year 2023.

The fact that both organic coffee varieties have the certificate of controlled organic cultivation is documented by the ÖKO control body DE-ÖKO-006.

Climate-neutral roasting and delivery
These are two key aspects of our decision in favor of PRO DINZLER KAFFEE. Personally and on site, we were able to convince ourselves of the company's philosophy, according to which sustainability and climate protection are not marketing terms. At DINZLER, "sustainable" is considered commonplace and the prudent treatment of people and the environment is taken for granted. The natural gas-powered drum roasting plant now produces CO2 neutrally. The social commitment extends beyond the company's own premises to the people in the coffee-growing countries, with support for sustainable projects including reforestation in the Brazilian rainforest. The certification label "climate neutral roasted" [100% green power] is not only a distinction for the roastery's mindful use of resources, but also represents a helpful consumer orientation for us and our hotel guests.

The DINZLER coffee roasting plant uses resource-conserving packaging in the sense of the circular economy.
Thus, coffee packaging consists of a 100% recyclable PE film, which is either directly processed into new products or into regranulate via the dual collection system. The EVOH coating of the coffee packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable and has excellent barrier properties. With the shipping service provider DHL GoGreen, the coffee is delivered via the green address in a climate-neutral manner with attention to sustainable fuels in e-delivery vehicles.

Values that connect
DINZLER takes responsibility for natural, sustainable coffee cultivation and fair cooperation with coffee farmers in the countries of origin. This is achieved on the one hand through direct contact with small plantations, and on the other hand through long-term binding cooperations. Coffee from people for people - direct and fair.

_Ronnefeldt Tee

_Quality & sustainability - a basic principle at Ronnefeldt.

Organic tea diversity with a sustainable taste
With organic tea from Ronnefeldt, these aspects can be summed up perfectly, represent a holistic seal of quality and thus meet our tea requirements for the guests of our hotel - not only at tea time, but at all-day tea o'clock.

Variety and highest quality
"In the tea business, you need patience and passion. This is how daily actions and business relationships are formed in a sustainable and long-term manner." In this spirit, and thus according to the tradition of the founder Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt, the company continues to work today to make the variety of tea enjoyment with the highest quality tangible.

Organic quality
The Ronnefeldt organic tea assortment from organic cultivation is certified with the organic seal. This means that these organic tea varieties come from controlled organic cultivation, are not genetically modified, and grow up without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. In addition, Ronnefeldt organic teas are residue-free - accredited German laboratories guarantee this.

Controlled materials
The materials used for packaging, such as wood, paper and cardboard, are FSC®-certified, thus originating from sustainable forestry and meeting 100 percent of the sustainability criteria for compostability and recyclability with the highest quality standards, without reducing the organic quality of Ronnefeldt teas.

The quality guarantee
The health of Ronnefeldt tea consumers is always our top priority.
Therefore, attention is paid to this within each individual production step and responsibility is taken for the highest quality of the products in an exemplary manner:

  • Compliance with the EU's Health Claims Regulation - renunciation of active ingredient promises.- All ingredients, allergens, nutritional value tables and batch numbers arecommunicated and thus comply with the EU Food Information Regulation.
  • Best tea quality is tested and certified by independent, accredited laboratories
  • Non-food articles and materials are tested for food authenticity
  • Ronnefeldt organic tea production in Worpswede is kosher & halal certified
  • Hazard analysis and critical control points according to the HACCP system

From the registered Ronnefeldt BIO-Tee LeafCup® assortment, enjoy at the morning hour and whenever you like

Refreshing Mint - Herbal Tea
The typical taste of peppermint with a new dimension of freshness thanks to lemongrass.
Ingredients | Peppermint leaves (90%), lemongrass (10%)

English Breakfast - Black Tea - Ceylon FBOP
A smooth Ceylon tea with distinctive island flavor - sparkling and tangy.
Ingredients | Black Tea

Wellness - Herbal Tea
Tasty wellness moments with rooibos, mint and anise.
Ingredients | Rooibos** (40%), Anise** (10%), Fennel**, Spearmint leaves** (10%), Orange peel**, Cinnamon bits**, Blackberry

_Wäscheservice Stangelmayer

_environmentally conscious cleanliness & hygiene.

Whether you return to the HOME FOR TIME after a buzzy business meeting or an eventful active day in the surrounding mountains and lakes, make yourself comfortable in the wellness oasis or work out again in the fitness room - at some point there comes a time when you look forward to showering and going to bed. And to ensure that these very personal moments meet the high textile demands of our hotel guests for flattering bathrobes and towels, but also for the very finest bed linen, we also pay attention to a sustainable and environmentally friendly textile service with quality management, as offered by the company

Certified sustainability & tested quality
evidenced by seals of approval for quality services and processes, for prudent environmental and energy management in accordance with ISO 14001, Stangelmayer, the full-service textile provider, is thus recognized for efficient use of energy and raw materials, as well as for waste minimization. The official recognition for sustainable energy management with the obligation to pursue and exploit potential savings in the future is documented by the ISO 50001 test standard.
The ISO 9001 test certificate stands for quality management at Stangelmayer.
The RAL quality mark 992 not only certifies proper laundry care and high quality in all care processes; it is considered a high distinction and textile care feature in a leading quality assurance system.

Sharing Economy
Sharing makes it possible to order textiles in line with demand and thus in an environmentally friendly way, while at the same time ensuring that resources are used sparingly. High-quality materials optimize the use of resources while reducing waste. We use only top quality products and services from the textile company Stangelmayer for the benefit and health of our hotel guests.

Hygiene and cleanliness
the non plus ultra of our house in general and in particular with sustainable textile care. This is ensured by innovative technologies and automation-supported processes such as water treatment, heat recovery, detergent dosing precisely matched to the degree of soiling, and proven UV-C technology.
Hygienically pure on the basis of the highest textile care and hygiene standards in accordance with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute, including the laundry processes listed there - nothing else comes close to our discerning hotel guests in the laundry wellness area.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics
Short distances and route optimization to minimize travel distances with reduced fuel consumption in the pick-up and drop-off service are environmentally conscious measures at Stangelmayer. The HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN supports this with intelligent systems for hygienic laundry storage and sorting as well as in the area of receiving and returning textiles on a weekly basis.

_Gasteiner kristallklar

Water from a special spring

The name GaSTEINer already contains the origin. The well of the water lies in the depths of the high alpine mountains of the Hohe Tauern. A water from the protected environment of a national park makes it unique. On its way through the mountains, over hill and dale, it absorbs minerals, trace elements and geological carbonic acid, making it at the same time one of the purest mineral waters in the world.

The uncompromising quality assurance according to the highest hygienic standards stands as a guarantee for one of the highest quality mineral waters in the world.

Gasteiner mineral water is a so-called near-water beverage. This is because the path from the source to the bottle is a short one, from the mountain to the operating plant at Gasteiner Erlengrund.

When deciding on this water, which greets you as a hotel guest in a glass bottle upon arrival at your room, the sustainability aspect was again a key feature for us. Primary production, reusable glass bottles with return as reusable containers as well as recycling of the metal closures as part of waste management.   

The value chain includes the efficient use of water and energy resources. Spring conservation and protection have top priority for the two independent springs, with the agricultural land in the spring area being used extensively only. The "crystal spring" supplies the mineral water for the Gasteiner brand. The second spring exclusively serves contract fillers.

The purity requirement is firmly anchored in various steps such as the full analysis to be carried out every five years, the microbiological examination required for each batch, the extended inspection of the wells to be carried out on a quarterly basis, the pesticide control to be carried out every six months, and the sensory inspection for odor, taste, and CO2 content to be carried out every hour.
The source analysis is thus an integral part for the product quality in the processing procedures of the natural, crystal clear spring water from Gastein.   

The Gasteiner company has set itself 1.7 liters as a benchmark for the sustainable use of the valuable resource water. In order to achieve the target and, above all, to maintain the target of around 1.67 liters of specific water consumption, efficient use must be made of a general reduction in water in the area of the washing facilities. The increase in wastewater quality through reduced caustic use with the best possible caustic filtration, as well as wastewater pretreatment for reuse and the optimization of pump use are the daily challenges. 

The sustainable development of the company also goes back to the resource-conserving use of energy. Electricity for the entire company is obtained exclusively from renewable energy - 100% green electricity from hydropower. Environmentally friendly gas is responsible for the heat supply. The carbonic acid comes from natural deposits in the Pannonian thermal region, so that no fossil fuels are consumed in the extraction of the carbonic acid.  

Hotel guest tip
When you take a sip of Gasteiner Kristallklar from the mineral water glass bottle, remember that in addition to quenching your thirst, we also offer you added value with added value.

_Rituals Cosmetic

We have chosen to use the care product series from the collection THE RITUAL OF HAPPY BUDDHA with invigorating products that accentuate positive characteristics and promise happiness and success. Inspired by the famous Chinese monk Laughing Buddha, who elicited happiness and joy with all his encounters 1100 years ago, this unique Happy Buddha collection was developed by RITUALS COSMETICS to bring more happiness to daily life. 

This care product series not only stands out with its ingredients and fragrance, but it also directs your focus to an awareness of sustainability and environmental protection.  

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_Spring water from the Kaisertal

The resource of water is worthy of protecting. Water is vital and has an important impact on quality of life. It is a form of nourishment and transportation. It cools, warms, and cleanses. And sustainable use is crucial for future generations. 

Enjoy our spring water from the Kaisertal. The Kufstein municipal utilities are responsible supplying water to our city. The water comes from a spring in the Kaisertal. It reaches houses and our Hotel Stadt Kufstein through pipes. 

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A very warm welcome to the elephant Kufstein Lounge - the trendy meeting place for elegant and stylish ladies, fancy girls, smart suits and cool connoisseurs. Experience elephant's fantastic times at Breakfast & More, enjoy freshness and quality in our Café, spend the afternoon with snacks, sweets and delicacies from the Pikanterie and stay with us when our hotel bartenders start their show with shaking, stirring and mixing and the bar culture starts with barlifestyle.


Monday to Friday - 07.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. with hotel bar feeling from 4.00 p.m.
Saturday, 07.30 am to 11.30 pm, from 4.00 pm weekend bar feeling
Sunday breakfast from 07.30 am to 1.00 pm


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