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1st Sleep Green Hotel in Tyrol

As a member of the association SLEEP GREEN HOTELS, we share a vision with the founders, who originally worked in the hotel industry, that focuses on establishing the sensible and careful use of valuable natural resources as the new standard thus helping to revolutionize the tourism industry. In cooperation with numerous hotels that share the same philosophy, we combine not only knowledge and power but also hard work and effort to achieve a common goal: "HOTELS | for a better future"

Requirements for being accepted into this partnership are specified in a catalogue of criteria. To become a member, a hotel must earn at least 3 out of 5 "green" points, which are represented as pillows. 

Special attention is paid to the following:

  • "Focus on people" – guests and personnel alike
  • "Clean energy" – 90% of electricity must be obtained from regenerative sources of energy 
  • "Cuisine" – organically certified food as well as a selection of regional and seasonal dishes

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through an environmentally-friendly power supply and optimized water usage as well as sustainable quality standards are additional criteria that must be documented. In addition, 2 official certifications are required to receive each point. Sustainable company management and lifestyle are also important. A comprehensive evaluation of the hotel through Booking.com and Tripadvisor.com and a recommendation rate of 90% on Holidaycheck.com are other components of the system that awards "pillows".

The slogan "renewable is wonderful" applies to at least 50% of the energy used for air conditioning and heat production, which must come from regenerative sources. This includes all energy needed for lighting, heating, cooling, and warm water.

As a member of Green Sleep Hotels, we are proud of our investment in photovoltaic panels and the further sustainable development of the company.  

The entire roof surface of HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN is equipped with photovoltaic panels, which produce 51 kilowatts per hour thus meeting the entire electricity needs of 50% of the hotel. The other 49% of energy consumption is covered by renewable sources of energy. As the FIRST HOTEL IN TYROL, HOTEL STADT KUFSTEIN is able to satisfy the quality requirements and has clearly positioned itself as an environmentally-friendly business. We also feature:

There is an active exchange among all partner business in this marketing group. There is a continuous advancement of product development, and rapidly growing sustainable mobility complements sustainable tourism. 

10 reasons for Sleep Green Hotels

1.  Sleep Green Hotels was founded by the leading figures of sustainable tourism in Europe.

2.  Sleep Green Hotels​ complements rapidly growing sustainable mobility with sustainable tourism and is conducting pioneering work in this area.

3.  Only members that guarantee quality for guests and support sustainable tourism having earned several certifications and that have met our strict admission criteria are admitted into the cooperation.

4.  Each current and future member is distinguished by sustainable management in all departments, CSR policies, extensive expertise, electric mobility, and personal conviction in sustainable tourism.

5.  Through personal quality assurance with the list of criteria for our members, we support our own special, sustainable educational mandate in the area of tourism and thus combat "greenwashing".

6.  With central, online-based knowledge management in the form of our green brain, we guarantee the most current information regarding the theme of sustainable tourism and hereby ensure the exchange of expertise, suitable partners & suppliers, experiences, and green innovations on the market.

7.  We position ourselves as an educational institute and do not only affiliate sustainable hotels but also help all hotels to become and remain sustainable for the long-term.

8.  Our members and the entire cooperation work exclusively with sustainable partners and suppliers that are opinion leaders and market leaders in their respective areas in order to strengthen the constantly growing future market.

9.  The network of Sleep Green Hotels will be constantly expanded and active throughout Europe through the daily work of all members and their presence at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions

10.  With the shared vision of sustainable tourism among all participants in ​Sleep Green Hotels,​ there will be a fascinating bond among all parties and an unstoppable motivation for the fulfillment of this vision.

A very warm welcome to the elephant Kufstein Lounge - the trendy meeting place for elegant and stylish ladies, fancy girls, smart suits and cool connoisseurs. Experience elephant's fantastic times at Breakfast & More, enjoy freshness and quality in our Café, spend the afternoon with snacks, sweets and delicacies from the Pikanterie and stay with us when our hotel bartenders start their show with shaking, stirring and mixing and the bar culture starts with barlifestyle.


Monday to Friday - 07.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. with hotel bar feeling from 4.00 p.m.
Saturday, 07.30 am to 11.30 pm, from 4.00 pm weekend bar feeling
Sunday breakfast from 07.30 am to 1.00 pm


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