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Cultural highlights

Art- By now, a wide-ranging, umbrella term used in daily speech. That said, it should be the conclusion of a creative process that results in a harmonious whole. This includes the diversity of visual arts such with painting, graphic arts, sculpture, architecture, and contemporary applied arts as well as utilitarian art, also referred to as artistic craftsmanship in a figurative sense. Musical compositions and interpretations are vocal and instrumental forms of art. Drama, epic poetry, and lyrics are literary art. Theater, dance, and film are titled as performing arts. 

Culture- From the beginning, the city and hospitality institutions have strived to offer not only locals but also guests and visitors something entertaining under the header of "cultural program". Kufstein offers amateurs and artists a stage for performing arts. There is a diverse cultural repertoire available year-round. 

When making a direct booking in our Hotel Stadt Kufstein, ask about discounted admission tickets to your desired cultural event.  

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