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Environmental protection and sustainability are a top priority for us here at Hotel Stadt Kufstein. We therefore cooperate exclusively with partners who support this philosophy.

Diversey - sustainable solutions for cleaning & hygiene

... are the first reason why Hotel Stadt Kufstein has chosen Diversey to be the full-service provider for comprehensive hygiene and cleaning solutions. Environmentally-friendly products with a sustainability guarantee, anchored in the Diversey mission statement, are the 2nd reason for us choosing Diversey. We work together for a clean, safe, and healthy future. 

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Rituals cosmetics - invigorating & sustainable

We have chosen to use the care product series from the collection THE RITUAL OF HAPPY BUDDHA with invigorating products that accentuate positive characteristics and promise happiness and success. Inspired by the famous Chinese monk Laughing Buddha, who elicited happiness and joy with all his encounters 1100 years ago, this unique Happy Buddha collection was developed by RITUALS COSMETICS to bring more happiness to daily life. 

This care product series not only stands out with its ingredients and fragrance, but it also directs your focus to an awareness of sustainability and environmental protection.  

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Spring water from the Kaisertal

The resource of water is worthy of protecting. Water is vital and has an important impact on quality of life. It is a form of nourishment and transportation. It cools, warms, and cleanses. And sustainable use is crucial for future generations. 

Enjoy our spring water from the Kaisertal. The Kufstein municipal utilities are responsible supplying water to our city. The water comes from a spring in the Kaisertal. It reaches houses and our Hotel Stadt Kufstein through pipes. 

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Trendy hangout for ladies in fancy dresses, smartly dressed men in suits, and casual types. Venue for creative artists and sculptures. Whether an early bird or late sleeper's breakfast, business lunch, snack, or classic gathering for coffee and popular homemade sweets, you can linger and enjoy yourself in the best location with a stylish and laid-back atmosphere with high-quality cuisine.
MON to SAT 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Breakfast on Sundays & holidays 7:00 am – 1:00 pm
... but unfortunately only after the second lockdown!

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